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‘the natural acoustic sounds are the most basic and must be the starting point when judging the accuracy of reproduction of an audio system’ – Koichi Sugiyama

 Vintage audio equipment repairs

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We use to repair&restore vintage audio equipment like:
turntables, speakers, tape recorders, cd players and many more.
Why would people repair such old and obsolete objects?
Because some old speakers mean more than just a pair of old speakers, it can make us remember nice persons or moments.Every old piece of equipment has a story to tell.
Let them sing their story for you! E-mail us!


Industrial equipment repairs


With a large working experience, we can do the repairs of your hard to find/expensive power modules(pwm&linear).
Do you have an electronic device wich doesn’t work as it should or doesn’t work at all?
Email us for a sollution to your problem.

SSB transceiver repairs.CB radio repairs


What we do here at ‘analogic sound’ is linking the past and the present for the future.
We have members in our team with valuable experience as radio amateur and we never stop learning from what is called ‘old school’ .
From the time when people built their own SSB transceivers we offer you great knowledge in repairs and we provide support.
E-mail us for any related problems you may have!

Automotive & other electronic related repairs


Automtive ECU repairs(vibration damage, water ingress, repairs requiring special soldering tools), mainboard repairs of the major home appliances : gas boilers, refrigerators, etc.
We have partnership with dealers but we encourage any person in need to call us for a price.It may be cheap, very cheap for you to repair with us!

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