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Kenwood KD-727 r&r

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Picture 359

This turntable was born in mid 80’s. You can also see it under the name “TRIO”.
It comes from the beginning of the plastic era, the one we still live in. As you can imagine this is not a high performance turntable but is a quality product made in Japan.

It uses a MC(moving coil) cartridge but since it came without it I installed a MM(moving magnet) AKAI-PC35 cartridge wich is a good cartridge.Now the turntable can be matched with a lot of audio amplifiers as most of them have PHONO stages dedicated to MM cartridges.

The big advantages this turntable offers are:
Low maintenance(direct drive), it is not at all sensitive to transport and can handle a lot of abuse, all this comes together with a decent sound.

Defects were:
-missing cartridge, installed akai PC-33 with RS-33 stylus
-old belt for arm transport, belt was replaced.
-worn arm transport rail rubber suspension, replaced with silicon ones.
-you could hear in the speakers when listening to music(slow passages) the servo mechanism coming in from time to time, this was solved by using a siliconic grease for arm transport.

Picture 365

Another picture with this turntable

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